Most lakes around Wyoming are still ice covered, but if you're a boat owner now's the time to think about getting it registered for the upcoming year.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding boat registration that will hopefully make the process a little smoother for all involved.

• Where can I register my boat? You can register your boat at any Game and Fish regional office or the Cheyenne headquarters.

• What do I do if I lost my registration renewal card? Simply go to or call any Game and Fish office. Registrations are computerized and they can look up your info and provide you with renewal information at that time.

• Can I keep my boat number if I sell my boat? The boat number stays with your old boat. If you get a new boat, you will be issued a new number.

• Do I need to register my canoe or rubber raft? You do if it has a motor, either electric or internal combustion. No registration is required of craft without motors.

• How long does it take for registration through the mail? Generally, you should be receiving your new registration within a week after it is received in the office.

Currently, registration of boats is in full swing. The Game and Fish processes around 25,000 boat registrations annually.
(Contact: Larissa Voss (307) 777-4638)