As you may have heard or seen trending on Facebook, Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. Billion with a B. The first question I had was 'What's WhatsApp'? Well, here's what you need to know and how it may affect your privacy.

WhatsApp is a messaging service like texting, but instead of using your 'texting' minutes, it sends the text via wifi on your smartphone or mobile device. You can use it to send a text from an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone, Nokia or Android to any other phone that also has WhatsApp. It's pretty handy!

Facebook already bought Instagram a couple of years ago and much for the same reason. To grow and integrate it to it's already familiar Facebook service. WhatsApp was already free and it looks like it will continue to be free. The question may be, "why spend $19 billion on something that's already free?" I'm not the guy to answer that. It may be because if they do choose to charge people to use it, they'll already have it on their team so they can gain the profit from it. I'm also going to assume that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will become one where you can Facebook message someone and it will show up as a text, if you choose it to do so.

I'm always wary about Internet safety. Since Facebook looks to store all of your information, does that mean WhatsApp will store all of your texts? I mean, they probably already do, but that's something I would want to look into.

What about you? Do you use WhatsApp?