In 1993, Wyoming declared the Horned Lizard as the "official state reptile". Sometimes referred to as the "horned toad", it joins a long list of other animals that have been honored, including the state bird (Western Meadowlark), the state butterfly (Sheridan's Green Hairstreak Butterfly), the state dinosaur (Triceratops), the state fish (Cutthroat Trout) and the state mammal (American Buffalo).

Being the official Wyoming State Reptile isn't the Horned Lizard's only claim to fame. Did you know, it's the only animal on the planet capable of shooting blood from its eyeball?

That's right, these scaly creatures have a very unique and effective defense tactic. When approached by predators, they can repel them by squiring a stream of blood from their eyes. Want to see these blood squirting lizards in action?  Check out this clip from the Nat Geo Wild network series "World's Weirdest".