Every parent of a child who plays an instrument is proud. They'll whip out their phone and show you videos of recitals, practice sessions, or anything that highlights their kid's skills. Most of the time, watching these videos puts you in a position where you either have to lie about how "awesome" they are, or be honest and lose a friend.

Tina's parents actually have something to brag about.

Tina S., a 15 year old axe slayer from Paris, has a slew of videos that show off her skills. While she's playing these monstrous jams, she has an almost bored look on her face - which means that she is so good, she really doesn't have to worry about mistakes.

If she's this killer at the age of 14, I can't wait until she actually starts releasing her own music. You know her musical roots are deep, and once she starts applying those skills to some original tunes...well, the world will be better for it.

Check out more of Tina's covers on her YouTube page here.