The Amish are misunderstood, easy targets to make fun of...and are apparently more like us than we think!

In a video uploaded on Sunday, an Amish man is enjoying the snow just like any other man would - by spinning donuts in a parking lot. Of course, he's using a horse and buggy instead of a car, but that just makes it more awesome!

Could this be a fake video?'s on the internet, after all - but I would prefer to think that maybe these deeply religious people like to enjoy life as much as the rest of us.

According to -

The Amish are a Christian church that traces its roots to the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth-century Europe. Amish people accept basic Christian beliefs but also have some special interpretations and emphases that have emerged throughout their history. They migrated from Europe to North America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. No Amish remain in Europe. Today they live in 480 geographical settlements in 30 states and the Canadian province of Ontario. Their population (adults and children) totals approximately 290,100. Their unique practices make them one of America’s most interesting and colorful religious subcultures.

No matter how you view the Amish (if you even think about them at all), you have to admit - the simple life may not be as bad as you think...