You can give it up to upstart rockers Young and in the Way for their commitment, but the extra theatrics at Sunday night's (June 22) show was not something that was well received by Asheville, North Carolina, restaurant and music venue Lexington Avenue Brewery. The establishment had to be shut down for three days after the group sprayed pig's blood everywhere as part of their set.

The Charlotte-based band played the local Empire Tattoo's special anniversary celebration, but the dousing of their audience and the venue with the pig's blood was something that caught everyone off guard even though the band has a song called 'Be My Blood' (video above).

The Lexington Avenue Brewery's co-owner Mike Healy told The Citizen-Times that he was not happy. Healy stated that almost four dozen employees were out of work while the massive cleaning took place. He explained, "They have kids, groceries and bills, and now they are out of work for several days. I will do everything I can to compensate them." Healy added that there was nothing in the band's rider about what was going to occur with the blood, and after the show was over the band simply wiped down their equipment and instruments and left the rest of the venue "a disaster zone." An Instagram shot taken at the show provides a look at some of the mess. Check it out below.

As for Empire Tattoo, who sponsored the show, they stated, "Though the actions and result of Sunday nights show were out of our hands we are sorry another local business is suffering. We have been in contact with Buncombe County health inspector over the matter and are aware that the 'contamination' was confined to the back room of the LAB. We were also made aware by the health inspector that LAB was given 'go ahead' to re open as soon as they wished without re-inspection. Our mission for this party was to celebrate our business and customers with another local business. We hope for everyone's sake we can all move forward from this in a positive manner. We appreciate everyone's support on this matter."

To see a news report filed by Asheville's ABC affiliate, WLOS, click here.

This story comes on the heels of another band, Watain, gaining major press for spraying pig's blood all over an audience in Brooklyn, N.Y.