Remember when MTV stood for Music Television? They actually showed videos all day. Of course, the negative side to this is they also ushered in an age of music where it mattered more about how you looked than how you sounded, but for the sake of this article, that’s a moot point.

Every Tuesday, I give you classic Metal video featuring bands you know, some you may have forgotten about, and others that just bring back good memories. Have a suggestion for a video you want to see or share? Lay it down in the comment section, and your video may be next week’s featured tune.

And now, today’s video:

In This Moment - Blood

Wikipedia -

Blood is the fourth studio album by the American band In This Moment. As has been the case with every In This Moment album, the record has a different sound, dropping many of the traditional metalcore elements in favor for electronic samples and further experimentation.

After over a year of touring to support their release, A Star-Crossed Wasteland, the band was ready to start work on their upcoming fourth record. Lead vocalist Maria Brink revealed that this album would be darker and the first time the band would be working with outside musicians. However, the band found themselves in a difficult position. Original members Blake Bunzel and Jeff Fabb left In This Moment to join American Idol finalist James Durbin's touring band.

Brink and Chris Howorth saw the band departures as something positive and it would heavily influence the album. Brink says, "it’s meant to be that they moved on and some other things in my life, it’s so cool ‘cause it’s just like this brand new everything and it feels really awesome. And you’re going to be able to hear it." Howorth says, "Jeff and Blake leaving kind of opened us up a bit and we went from the heart. We went a different route and it was more organic than ever before." Brink and Howorth reteamed with long time producer, Kevin Churko at the Hideout in Vegas to begin process on the album. Two songs emerged from those sessions, "Blood", and "Hello" (later became 'From the Ashes').

Blood made its first appearance during In This Moment's set on the Soundwave festival on February 26, 2012.