No one likes airport security. Waiting in line, having to take off your shoes, and strangers rifling through your bag all top the list of annoying and necessary security measures we take when traveling by plane. Being one of the lucky few selected for a pat down really puts the perfect cherry on top of the crap sundae that is airport security.

These TSA screeners took a step to make it even more awful and awkward.

At Denver International Airport, two TSA employees abused their power for some inappropriate fun at work. One TSA screener would give the signal to the other screener to manipulate the system, creating a non-existent issue in the genital area of the passenger. The TSA screener would then use the opportunity to grope and grab at unsuspecting, attractive male flyers.

Both screeners were fired and are under investigation, but it took almost three months after someone reported the behavior for anyone to follow up and take action!

Just more reasons to hate airport security if you didn’t already.