Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is a musician who prides himself on standing up for the working class. However, the guitarist also isn't afraid to speak out when he believes he's been wronged. After allegedly being denied a "special room" at Seattle's 5 Point Cafe while a line of people waited for tables themselves, Morello blasted the restaurant, only to receive a scathing response from the 5 Point Cafe.

15 Now, a grassroots organization that fights for a $15 minimum wage in the U.S. (succeeding in Seattle), Morello had an unpleasant encounter at The 5 Point:

In response, the 5 Point Cafe took off the gloves to defend their restaurant on Sept. 27:


The next day, 5 Point changed their sign for a pretty funny reference to the drama:


Last night (Sept. 29), The 5 Point pointed fans toward Twitter for some "social media hugs":


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