Since Beck first stole our hearts 20 years ago, he's become ubiquitous. Which is to say, the man is everywhere. When he appeared on the cartoon 'Futurama,' Bender told him, "I've always wanted to be a musician-poet who transcends genres even as he re-invents them, just like you."

Beck answered, "Do it, robot. It's easier than it looks."

Beck certainly made it look easy in today's video. He and his band perform the song 'Beercan' on the Australian television show 'Denton' back in 1994 above -- 'Beercan' is sort of a hip-hop song, but still kinda folksy.

After the performance, Beck took part in a 'Denton' tradition, wherein the show's host, Andrew Denton, pulled the name of a song out of a barrel for the band to play. Beck and company did their best to wrangle their way through the song they got, which was Olivia Newton John's 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot.'

The band played it for a few seconds, but this is the '90s we're talking about here. No self-respecting alternative band would ever sincerely play some '80s pop shlock. Beck seems to get bored with the song after singing the title line a couple of times, then feedback and noise became the rule of the evening. We only get a minute or so of it, but we can only imagine that this fiasco went on for quite some time after the cameras shut down.