The new Thor movie, the Dark World' has hit movie theaters and it, being a Marvel film, people are already speculating what kind of tease they could have the end of the film after the credits. Spoiler Alert Below

As it turns out, and maybe it's a new tradition, there were two. One mid-credits ala Avengers and features Benicio Del Toro as the Collector. Lady Sif and a cohort are on board his ship willingly. They hand him one of the Infinity gems and tell him to keep it safe as they already have one in Asgard and keeping two in one place isn't safe. He agrees, Sif and the other leave and Del Toro smirks and says, "one down, five to go." - no doubt he's the collector in Guardians of the Galaxy and is working for Thanos.

The other bonus scene after the credits has Thor coming back to earth for Natalie Portman's character because he promised he would.

Note: If these videos are already taken down, I apologize. They take them down almost as soon as they pop up.