In the Internet age, you really can make money doing anything, no matter how stupid it sounds. And boy, does this sound stupid.

There's a 24-year-old guy in Dallas, Tex. named Alex Craig, and he came up with an idea earlier this year. He'd start a business where he'd write messages on potatoes and mail them to people. You just go to, tell him what you want the message to be, and who to send the potato to. Then he writes the message with a Sharpie, puts the potato in an envelope and mails it. That's it.

He started it back in May, and posted about it on Reddit. The idea got some attention because it was so dumb, and now he's making $10,000 a month.

It costs $7.99 for a medium potato and $9.99 for a large potato. Your message can be up to 100 characters on the medium potato, and 140 on the large, and it's sent anonymously.

The real idiots here are the people that pay ten bucks to send a potato to someone.