Once again, it's time to complain about what I assume is common knowledge. If you read my rant about the difference between Its and It's, you know that I'm somewhat of a grammar nazi. I get disgusted by the abuse of our language, and am one of those people who actually spell everything out in texts, e-mails, and social media updates. What can I say...apparently I'm a dying breed. If you know someone who has an issue using the correct spelling of they're, their, or there, share this post as a not-so-subtle way to say "quit being ignorant!"

Their -

Simply put, this is this possessive form of they. "That's not their car."

They're -

This is a combination of they are. "Seriously, I think they're stealing that car."

There -

Indicates a place. "Has anybody seen my car? I parked it over there."

Seems simple enough, right?