I'll admit that I'm somewhat of a grammar-nazi. While I'm not one of those douche bags that scrolls Facebook looking for a reason to correct somebody, I will unfriend someone who continuously misspells words, uses the wrong version of a word (there, their, they're), etc.

One that really gets me is the misuse of "Its" and "It's". The difference is very simple:

IT'S is short for "it is" or "it has". This is the only time you add the apostrophe. Ever. If you can't stretch it out to "it is" or "it has", you're doing it wrong.

ITS is a possessive. Just like "hers", "his", etc. Basically, it's the hermaphrodite of possessives. "I don't think that's a woman. Its Adams Apple was huge!"

Now that you know, share with anybody who may need it!