Spider Found Hiding Under Car Door Handle [VIDEO]
Subscribe to Rock 96.7 on Youtube This car owner found a hidden passenger hiding under the handle of his car door. The video doesn’t explain how the owner knew the spider was there, but he walks up, sprays it with what looks like spider spray, and then waits for the spider to leave on his [[&#…
Guy Startles Spider by Yelling at It [Video]
Spiders are a big fear for some people. Coming across one might startle you. However, in this instance, a man has decided to turn the tables on the creepy creature. There is a huge web outside his home by his car, and the spider that made it is just as easily scared. The man yells […]
Afraid Of Spiders? Don’t Watch This Video
This morning I found a big spider in my kitchen. I tore up the whole kitchen trying to kill it. I’m hoping it either walked out or just died. When my fiance gets home, he’s going to think we got robbed because I tore the place up so bad. Any ways, I’m not usually so […]
Girlfriend Scares Boyfriend With Prank [VIDEO]
I’m not sure what the history between these two is, but apparently the girlfriend thought it was time for a little revenge…and boy, did she get it. After watching this dude’s reaction, you have to wonder who is the man in this relationship…   http://youtu.be/DIOVITNRxKc