Simple Ways to Keep Yourself from Getting Sick This Season
Today was a banner day at work. One co-worker called in sick, two others left early because they were starting to feel sick, my wife is getting sick and the school called telling me to pick up my son because he's now sick. Welcome to a change in temperature this time of year.
Things To Do When You’re Home Sick With The Flu
Flu season is upon us, and this year is shaping up to have a severe one.  A few days rest is necessary to recover from the illness.  What are you going to do while sick at home with the flu?  Here are a few tips to keep from getting cabin fever while quarantined at home.
The Reason I Can’t Use My Large Mixing Bowl
Over the weekend I wanted to make pancakes, but I couldn't. Why? Because I was currently washing the rest of my mixing bowls except for the largest one from the set. Why couldn't I use that? Because that's the one I throw up in and can't bring myself to use that same bowl to make…
Drummer Tosses Cookies After Bangin’ Out A Solo [VIDEO]
Ah, the drum solo. One of music's most powerful, and (dare I say), sickest moments. You gotta give it to this kid. He only misses a couple beats while throwing up, and then gets back into it like nothing happened. I believe he is now ready to tour with the pros...
How To Call In Sick And Get Away With It
I haven’t done it since I was a teenager, and I had a job washing dishes at a delicatessen. It was not the greatest job in the world, but it wasn’t the worst either. I did get one free meal every day I was working, so that took a little of the sting out of it, but calling in sick at that age was…