Kelly Walsh High School

Natrona County School District: Attendance Numbers Are In, And Up
The high schools, with one exception, in the Natrona County School District saw more students in class last semester after regulations about its attendance policy went into effect, a trustee said Monday. “They are up in every high school either a half a percent or 2 percent for the first seme…
The Band Gooding “Live” At T-roy’s Desk [VIDEO-AUDIO]
T-Roy is slacking today, so he left me in charge. We welcomed “Gooding” to the desk this afternoon. They are in town for a performance at Kelly Walsh High School and stopped by to hang out and play.Very cool group of people that work closely with school kids on the FTF program. Enjoy G…
Casper High School Parking Maps [PHOTOS]
With all the construction at Kelly Walsh and Natrona County High School campus’, parking might be a bit tricky.  Here are maps of each to help you be prepared. Kelly Walsh student parking is off of Forrest Drive. NC student parking is between Oak and Spruce streets.