Unlucky Athletes Getting Balls (and More) to the Face
Our mothers weren’t too keen on us playing sports when we were younger for a good reason — they were trying to keep all those balls out of our faces. Athletes have a very good chance of getting pummeled in the money maker (no, gentlemen, not that “money maker”) with a soc…
Guy Gets Slapped by a Forklift [VIDEO]
You can pick your friends. You can pick your wife. You can’t pick the people you spend the most time with every day — your coworkers. You’re stuck with the good ones, the annoying ones and the ones that occasionally try to take your face off. For example, this dude, who isn …
Dumb Guy Falls While Crossing Fountain [VIDEO]
A man’s attempt to cross an elaborate — but benign-looking — fountain ends in surprising failure. Watch a human bested by fanciful spouting water below. Subscribe to Rock 96.7 on Youtube [Say OMG] Read Original: Dumb Guy Falls While Crossing Fountain [VIDEO]