PLAY: Would You Rather – Casper Edition
You have all most likely played the game "Would You Rather". You are offered two choices, and you have to pick one. We've put together some questions about Casper that will make you make some "tough" decisions.
Make Music With These Interactive Squares
Anyone can make music and, with these handy squares, it's super easy to! Just click on the squares you want to make a sound and it will loop as it travels from left to right. The higher up the square, the higher pitched the note. Go ahead, give it a shot!.
‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ Robot That Wins Every Time [VIDEO]
It's a game we all played as a child and some of us still do it as an adult for decision making, like who's going to pay the bill or tell that loud guy in the movie theater to shut up. It's a game that's been around since the Han Dynasty in China. Being there are only three options, you'd think your…

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