If you're brown and gold on Saturdays and orange and blue on Sundays, here's some good news. A new Wallet Hub study recently ranked both Denver and Laramie, Wyoming, among the best cities in the country for sports fans.

The study, 2015's Best and Worst Cities for Sports Fans, compared 341 cities across the nation, ranking them based on a variety of factors including the number of teams, sports bars, average ticket prices for games and attendance rates.

Denver was ranked as the second best large city for fans, trailing only Boston. Denver also ranked among the top twenty large cities for each of the four major sports; football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

Laramie was ranked 130th overall, 58th among the 200 small cities in the study. The recent success of the University of Wyoming basketball team helped increase Laramie's position in the rankings. Laramie finished 63rd out of 341 cities for basketball fans and 113th for football fans.

Both Fort Collins, Colorado, and Boulder, Colorado, were ranked behind Laramie, finishing in 171st and 151st place, respectively. Click here for the full results of the study.