Every once in awhile, we remember why we live in the place we do.

A post revealed how a local Cheyenne person was shocked to find that her boyfriend's car had been hit. She and her boyfriend were going through tough times, but the day wasn't as dark as they thought it would end up.

See the post and text below.


I just want to send a thank you to a guy named Gary who hit our car a few weeks ago. You have no idea the amount of financial stress we we're under, and to have you hit our car made us feel like the world would never look up. until we noticed a card stuck to the windshield with a police report already files. I want to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. That was my boyfriends  grandfather's car who passed, and it broke our hearts to see it like that, but because of your HONESTY we are able to fix it right back up. It gives me hope that there's still amazing people in this world. Thank you Gary.

It's good to see there are still some decent folks in this world. On behalf of this website, we thank you too.