San Antonio Spurs fans might be familiar with this guy, known as Spurs Jesus - a Spurs super fan who bears a strong resemblance to Jesus Christ. He goes to the games and walks the streets dressed as Jesus, but with a Spurs twist.

Well, Spurs Jesus was in the news recently, but not because of his typical fan antics.

While relaxing at his house the other day, Spurs Jesus heard someone trying to get in through the window. He ripped the blinds open and caught the guy, then started to chase him on foot. The suspect swam across a river to get away from Spurs Jesus (doesn't he realize that Spurs Jesus can walk on water?), but once he got to the other side, realized he had forgotten his bike. When he came back for his bike, Spurs Jesus chased him down again and tackled him.

The suspect was arrested and charged with burglary.