When your favorite song comes on the radio, you can't help but dance. Music has such a powerful influence in our lives. We play some tunes when we are happy and different songs when sad. Light some candles and play some mood music when trying to - em... get busy. But sound waves may have more uses then just rocking the free world.

Scientist at Clemson University have discovered a sound field that makes a drop of water levitate, written in Vocativ. By adjusting the frequency they can alter the shape of the water drop while it spins in mid air.

Sound has more uses then just the bass rattling the trunk of your car. Sound is a vibration. An ultrasound uses sound vibration to bounce back and then we use the reflections are then interrupted by the machine to view the fetus. Some say that someday we be able to use sound for surgery. Give a new meaning to the Bryan Adams' song Cut's like a Knife.

We are not there just yet, but check out the video of a floating water drop.