If you or your business have been waiting to move into the digital world, you don't want to wait any longer!  

The reason is as simple as looking at your smartphone.  Nielson has just release their metrics report for the last quarter of 2015 and for the first time ever, cellphones became the most used platform for finding information.

Now we all know that cellphones are great for communicating by voice, text messaging and email.  But it just became the number one device used most often for finding information or purchasing items, via apps.  This is exciting news if your business is already mobile friendly.  If not, you might want to take a look at getting started or risk being left behind by your competitors.

As more and more smartphones make their way into the hands of consumers, the handheld digital world is going to grow exponentially.

According to the report, adults 18+ use their handheld devices to access info and data from the web an average of 5.8 times a week. Media usage and data consumption will continue to grow as we all become more tech savvy.