It's a great week to be a rock fan! Three great new albums dropped and I picked all of them up!

Slipknot is back with a bit of a lineup change, but the album still rocks. You can tell they have gotten older. This is the most "Stone Sour-ish" album from them yet, but it still sounds very much like Slipknot. Make sure you're listening for Rock 96.7 to play 'The Devil In I' this week!

Anyone who loves bass already knows about the majesty of Les Claypool. If you've never purchased a Primus album before, you should probably do a little research first. You'll either be blown away or completely freaked out.

Dave Grohl is one of the last true rock stars. Anything he and the Foo Fighters do I instantly seem to love. Sonic Highways is no different. This album is full of potential radio hits.