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Trying the Grand Ferrero Rocher Chocolate [VIDEO]
Ferrero Rocher are about as fancy as you can get with a store-bought chocolate. They're a hazelnut and chocolate wrapped in a crisp chocolate layer and, more importantly, they're pretty good. This was the first year I've seen a Grand Ferrero Rocher so I thought I'd buy one to see…
Taste Testing the Giant Holiday Coin [VIDEO]
This time of year brings those ridiculously over-sized candy bars to store shelves. In years past I've seen the giant Snickers bars, giant Hershey's chocolate bars, giant York peppermint patties and even giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. This was the first time I ever saw the giant fo…
Five Things You Can Do with Your Turkey Leftovers
The day after Thanksgiving you may be stuck with all the leftovers. This is always a great day as there are a lot of things you can do with said leftovers. Instead of just making as many sandwiches as you can with the leftover turkey (and, trust me, there's nothing wrong with that) Here are som…
Easy Way to Remove Yourself from Telemarketer Call Lists
Telemarketers are getting more and more crafty. It used to just be a call that they'd hope you'd answer. Then it was based on you picking up the phone and, any more, they're almost robotic in their sales pitch so you can't even tell them otherwise...
Simple Ways to Keep Yourself from Getting Sick This Season
Today was a banner day at work. One co-worker called in sick, two others left early because they were starting to feel sick, my wife is getting sick and the school called telling me to pick up my son because he's now sick. Welcome to a change in temperature this time of year.
Five Reasons You Try On Clothes Before Buying Them
I have a habit of trusting everything. My shirt size, my pants size and my shoe size haven't changed in the past 10 years, so I just buy those sizes and move on. But something happened over the weekend to to make me re-evaluate my theory.
Where Were You on September 11, 2001?
It's the question that usually gets asked about this time of year every year. What were you doing on September 11? How did you find out? Here's my quick story.
Avoid the Shopping ‘Walk of Shame’ Buy Using your 6-Pack [LIFEHACK]
When you're grocery shopping and happen to bring back a 6-pack of your favorite beverage, why not use it to your advantage?
Now, yes, these are in a cardboard container so there is a chance it can, and will, rip on you. If the bags are light enough, like a box of cereal or something, you should …
Trying Out the New Banana Split Twinkies [REVIEW]
Another new product from Hostess hit the shelves recently. These Banana Split Twinkies are chocolate-covered Twinkies with a banana-flavored filling and a thin layer of strawberry jelly. Let's check them out!
3D Doritos are Still Available in Mexico
I've been on quite a nostalgia kick for the past little bit. With the return of Surge and Ecto Cooler, I was anxious for other products we don't have anymore. Several people have mentioned they'd love to see the return of 3D Doritos. I'm not sure if they plans to bring those back…
Recapping 2015 with ‘2016 Don’t Be Late’ Sung Like the Chipmunks
There was a lot to talk about in 2015. From Olympic heroes changing gender to the arrest of well-known spokepeople to arguments over what color a dress is, it was a year of random events, for sure. Instead of just listing everything that happened, why not tell the story through song.