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Watch an Antelope Attack a Drone
Here in our state, we are no strangers to seeing a pronghorn antelope. But, did you know that the Pronghorn is the only animal of it's kind? It's true. It is one of the only surviving members of it's species, dating back to the Pleistocene era...
Forget Pokemon - Find Ghosts in Your Home
The game is called "Night Terrors" and it uses the same technology as Pokemon GO. But, instead of searching for Pikachu, you are searching for demons and ghosts.
Drone Beer Delivery
See footage of a guy delivering an ice cold beer to his neighbor, using his drone.
How To Make Your Own Backpacking Food
I have shopped for pre-packaged dehydrated meals, but they are expensive. And, to be honest, I am a little worried they are going to taste like I'm eating packing peanuts.