We all know that most photos nowadays are photo-shopped. What's amazing is how much.

By now, we are accustomed to people using different camera angles to improve their social media pics. If you see a lady's photo with her head tilted down and her eyes looking up at the camera, then you know that she's a big gal who is trying to hide her chins. If some dude sends you a penis-pic, and he's pulling his boys down while snapping the photo from up above, then he's smaller than he appears. If you see a lady showing her boobs, and her hands are on her stomach, then she's hiding her gut. I could on and on, but you know most of the tricks.

This person takes a - sadly - average size woman and turns her backside into a work of art. While the video shows that it does take quite a bit of work, it's still pretty frightening how simple it is to doctor a photo with some simple software. If you're into online dating, you probably should keep this video in mind when checking out the photos of a potential match.

If you're embarrassed of your body, don't show it to people. Or, better yet, change your diet and start working out. Then you can talk about Photoshop as something other people do...