Easter egg hunts and candy are for kids. We here at Rock 96.7 didn't forget the moms, dads, uncles, and cousins who like a little something different for Easter.

Welcome to our Easter Keg Hunt. If you subscribe to our YouTube page, you'll get one daily clue to help you find the prized keg. The person who finds the Easter Keg must bring it back to us (unharmed) for a $50.00 gift certificate to Galles Liquor, where you get to choose the Easter gift of your choice.

Happy Easter Keg hunting from Rock 96.7!

Philip Reimann needed about an hour to find our Easter Keg - Just in time for his trip back to Laramie!

Philip Reimann - Rock 96.7


Here was the final clue:

MONDAY'S WINNER - Congrats to TJ Burrer, who found the keg in 20 minutes! Can you do better? Hit this post tomorrow morning for our next clue...and good luck!


Congrats to Kevin Condelario, Tuesday's winner who found the KEG in record time!  Subscribe to our YouTube page for tomorrow's clue, or watch for this post and your chance to find our KEG!

Tom McCarthy, TownSquare Media


Congrats to Brittney Hoffman, Wednesday's WINNER of a $50 gift certificate to Galles Liquors for finding our Easter KEG!!! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get tommorow's clue, or watch right here. Good luck!

T-Roy, TownSquare Media

Thursday's winner, Kim Bennett, had to work hard for this one!

Kim Bennett - Rock 96.7