Brussels-based artist Olya TsoraEva said she "spent a year in darkness" bringing her own stop-motion interpretation of Radiohead's "Creep" to life, but that it was all worth it in the end.

TsoraEva told the Creators Project it took four months to create the incredibly lifelike plasticine mold of Thom Yorke and another nine to handcraft the animation for "Plastic Crash," a video she posted 10 months ago. “I wanted to give a new breath to this song because I still consider ‘Creep’ as one of the most beautiful songs,” she said. “I was really inspired by its music, especially by the lyrics.”

The original video for the hit from Radiohead's 1993 debut, Pablo Honey, smelled a lot like Teen Spirit, but TsoraEva's version prominently features the model of Yorke's face singing before (spoiler alert) colorful creatures pull it apart. Considering how out of character "Creep" turned out to be for Radiohead, it's difficult to tell which video is weirder. Check out TsoraEva's reimagining below:

"Plastic Crash" by Olya TsoraEva

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