Staying within the budget is something we all struggle with. This summer, Casper College will offer an online class to help students stay within their budget, or simply, learn how to efficiently manage their money.

“Personal Finance” (BADM 1030 N1) “will enable participants and their loved ones to have a bright financial future,” said Mark Oxley, instructor.
“Most people take dozens of classes in order to prepare for a career to earn money. I believe that people owe it to themselves to take one class, the ‘Personal Finance’ class at Casper College, in order to make their hard-earned money work for them. Most everyone has invested a lot of education and work into their career. By taking ‘Personal Finance’ they will be able to maximize the benefits of their hard work,” Oxley added.
According to Oxley all major topics will be reviewed in the class and include: time value of money, (how to calculate the future value of an investment or amount of interest required to pay off a loan); personal financial statements, (statement of net worth, statement of cash flows and a budget); goal setting and career planning; consumer loans and credit management; health and disability insurance; investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate; college funding for children and retirement planning; life insurance and long-term care planning; and estate planning, (wills, trust funds and estate protection).
The class is recommended as an elective for business and nonbusiness majors “and anyone who wants to learn how to manage their money,” said Oxley. The class can be taken for credit or audited.
Summer semester begins on Monday, June 2. For more information on this class or to register, call Casper College at 307-268-2100, toll free at 800-442-2963, or log onto