I was driving down Wolcott this morning on my way to breakfast, and I ran across this little piece of awesome.

Sitting in a parking lot, someone has taken a sex-doll, placed it on a motorcycle, and wrote "KCCO" across the bodacious rack. Normally, when I see "KCCO", I think *"douche"...but this time, I'm thinking "I need to find out who did this, and party with them". What a way to start the weekend!

Thanks Casper, you have restored my faith in humanity...

* From the guy who's bike it is:

Hey buddy thanks for showing my bike with my new girlfriend today! But I kinda have a bone to pick, the part about associating KCCO with a douche. The local Casper chive crew has raised a lot of money for local charities and also jumps at the chance to volunteer whenever the opportunity presents itself. So I take a lot of pride in saying I'm a Chiver and also a lot of pride in being a part of the Casper Chive because of the diligence in helping and their loyalty to each other and the town of Casper. So it would be appreciated if you either pulled the story in whole or just pulled the douche part. Thanks for your time bro.

Not to be defensive, but every "Chiver" I've personally dealt with has left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I'm also aware that A) the few doesn't necessarily represent the many, and B) I am definitely ignorant in what being a "Chiver" means. After calling this dude up to ask if I could post his message, I was informed of what their group truly means to its members. They pride themselves in raising money and donating time to good causes, and he invited me to their meeting tonight to see exactly what they're all about. Hoping I'm not about to get my butt kicked by an entire group of angry people, I agreed.

I'll check back in with an update on either how mistaken I am, or how many punches I can take. I really, really hope it's the former...