Last week, Jack White announced a series of small acoustic concerts in each of the five states he has yet to perform in as a solo artist or member of the White Stripes, The Dead Weather or The Racounteurs.

True to his word, he kicked off the tour Monday night in Anchorage, Alaska, and will head to Boise, Idaho, this evening. Which begs the question, when and where will his mysterious Wyoming concert take place?

We expect he will announce the show either tomorrow morning or Friday morning at 8 a.m., via his website Considering that the first two shows on his tour were held in a 910 seat auditorium and 750 seat theater, and that the tour will head east to South Dakota after traveling through Wyoming, we can narrow down the location to one of several venues.

From a routing perspective, it would be a short drive from Boise to Jackson, where White could perform at either The Pink Garter of the Jackson Hole Playhouse. However, both of those venues have a capacity under 500, which would be much smaller than the comparable venues White has played on this tour.

If the Gryphon Theater in Laramie wasn't already booked through the week, that's probably where White would end up playing. However, the calender for that 900 seat venue is already full, leaving the University of Wyoming's Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts as the next best option in Laramie. However, with a capacity of 375, the BCPA might be too small for White.

Then there's the Cheyenne Civic Center. Their Performing Arts Theatre seats close to 1,500, making it a much better bet than the 300 seat Atlas Theater. The size of the venue and the proximity of Cheyenne to I-80 and I-25 would make a convenient route for the tour going from Idaho to the next destination on the tour, which will likely be South Dakota.

Of course, if you were mapping out a road trip from Boise to Rapid City, you would probably end up taking Highway 287 right through Casper, before merging with I-25 and following it north to I-90. However, there might not be an appropriate venue in Casper for a show like this. The Events Center is too big and the Durham Auditorium, with a capacity of just over 300, is too small. If White were to play in Casper, the 1,690 seat TB Erickson Thunderbird Gym on the campus of Casper College could be a viable option.

If I had to place a bet on the date and location of the concert, my first pick would be The Pink Garter in Jackson tomorrow night. However, I wouldn't rule of the possibility of a Laramie, Cheyenne or Casper concert on Friday night either.

Of course, White will be announcing the mystery show at 8 a.m. on the day of the concert, so we'll find out soon enough. Wherever he ends up playing, expect there to be a mad rush for the $3 tickets, which will go on sale at Noon at the venue box office.