Here in Casper, we have some world class musicians. In an effort to bring their skills to the masses, we've started a new concert series: "Live At Tee Roy's Desk".

Now, you may be asking yourself "Why in the hell would you have them play at your desk when you're surrounded by studios?"

We thought it would be a pretty cool concept. Bring in a musician, sit them in an office setting, and let them do their thing.

John McLellan

A listener hit me up yesterday with this e-mail:

John McLellan, one of my best friends and former Casper kid plays in a band called The Clintons and has a little side project called The Wench with one of the other dudes, Josh, from The Clintons. John and Josh will be in town tonight and are playing an Artcore show tomorrow night at Durham Hall at the college. I’ve seen your AWESOME “Live at Tee-Roy’s Desk” videos and thought that John and Josh would have a BLAST doing it. John’s doing song writing clinics in the morning at NC, but is free from about nooner until 4. Do you think that’d be doable?

After checking him out on Facebook, the answer was a resounding "yes" (the butt kissing helped, too). Raised in Casper, but living in Helena, John is one of those musicians you just love to talk to. High energy, funny, and willing to go with the flow, this performance - Leave Me Alone - is one of my all time favorites in our LATRD series. John and his partner (not the life kind) will be playing Artcore tonight at 7:30 - visit the Facebook event page here for complete info.

"The Wench" Facebook page

"The Clintons" Facebook page