There was a recent study in which rich people were put up against poor people in a series of "honesty" tests. They failed...horribly.

Have you ever wondered how rich folk are able to stay that way? While we can't dismiss the fact that they have drive, ambition, and have been lucky a few times, this recent study reported by shows that most wealthy people have traded in their morals for cash.The study, put together by University of California at Berkeley psychology professor Paul Piff, yielded the following results:

While 90 percent of California drivers follow a law requiring them to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, people who drive luxury vehicles are three to four times more likely not to.


In an experiment where people were left in a video-monitored room with a bowl of candy they were told was for kids coming by later, wealthy people took twice as much candy as poorer participants.


A test of honesty in reporting dice rolls found that people making $150,000 a year cheated four times as much as someone who made $15,000 a year. Participants were told the prize for the best rolls was a $50 cash prize.


In a Monopoly game rigged to give a randomly selected player extra starting cash and dice rolls, the player who had that advantage was more likely to say he deserved to win based on his skills (rather than his luck in a coin toss at the start).

Basically, this report shows that the more money you have, the more greedy you tend to be...and you're more willing to throw "ethics" out of the window to get what you want.

Obviously, this is a small sampling set in a state that is known for its corrupt population, but the message should be loud and clear: For some people, there is no such thing as "enough".