Not long after Ivan Moody threatened to walk off the stage and cancel the Five Finger Death Punch show at the Casper Events Center he did just that... for a minute anyway. In this video we see Ivan begin his introduction for 'Bad Company' only to drop the microphone to the ground and walk off the stage.

We just got back from... You know what, dude... You know what? F**k this, the show's over. Blame those two.

Following an absence of about a minute, the crowd was happy to see Moody return to the stage and complete the introduction to the fan favorite song, but not before directing some additional commentary at the security staff.

Sorry man, I'm not calling you guys out, but this is not a f**king Journey concert. Let it go...

Having met Ivan a little earlier in the evening backstage, I have to admit, I was a little surprised by the change in demeanor following his jovial tale of mistaken-midget-identity, but I suppose it should not surprise me that he cares deeply for his fans and doesn't want to see them mistreated.

Watch the complete video and tell us what you think. Was he right to come back or should he have stayed off stage and cancelled the rest of the show?

Warning – Video contains NSFW language