A website with the sole purpose of judging your favorite bands as being emo or not has surfaced.

The site goes by the painfully clear name of Is This Band Emo? -- and the concept is super simple. You just type in the name of a band and it gives you an answer. You can also Tweet the response.

Apparently it's super selective, claiming that Taking Back Sunday is emo while genre counterparts My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy are considered not to be emo.  Bands like Radiohead and Wilco are not yet in their database, but Death Cab for Cutie is, and they're dubbed as emo. Sometimes they'll throw in a disclaimer to go along with their ruling, like for Fall Out Boy -- "I know it's hard to read that" -- and for Blink-182 -- "Sorry, to anyone over 30 they're pop-punk."

Oh, and if you were wondering, Metallica and Slayer are not emo.

The internet is a strange and fascinating place, isn't it?