We've started a new video series called "Interview With A Dude". Basically, we grab random folks from around Casper, and give them their own moment to shine.

Before you pull out the sexist card, we will also be doing "Interview With A Chick" videos, as well. If you see us wandering around, and are interested in doing a video with us, let us know! If you want to nominate somebody who you think would be a great interview, hit us up on our Facebook page, or contact us here.

Kraig King is a cousin of a buddy of mine who has been in and out of Casper for quite a few years. While his latest stint in town has only been a couple of years, he's very familiar with the town, region, and people. Like many transplants, Kraig works in the oil field industry, and has found that business' based in our little city tend to take good care of their employees - which is why he keeps coming back. Check out his video above, and see more interviews we've done by clicking the link below.