We've started a new video series called "Interview With A Dude". Basically, we grab random folks from around Casper, and give them their own moment to shine.

Before you pull out the sexist card, we will also be doing "Interview With A Chick" videos, as well. If you see us wandering around, and are interested in doing a video with us, let us know! If you want to nominate somebody who you think would be a great interview, hit us up on our Facebook page, or contact us here.

Jon Michaels moved to Casper from Birmingham, AL in 1998 for a job in radio. While he suffered from a bout of culture shock at first, Jon and his family are proud to call Casper "home". Since the day he set foot in town, Jon has become an integral part of our society. Always willing to help out a great cause, you can usually find Jon at some charity event donating his time.

With a voice like butter, and a delivery smoother than a freshly waxed p....well, let's just say that Jon is the DJ that all of us wish we could be. You can hear Jon do his thang every Mon-Fri from 6a-10a on 107.9, and 10a-3p on 96.7. Tune in once, and you'll be a listener for life!