Ilan Rubin – perhaps better known as the drummer for Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves and Paramore – is gearing up to drop Exhibit B, his fourth solo effort under the stage name the New Regime, later this month. Ahead of its arrival, the singer and multi-instrumentalist has debuted album track, “We Rise, We Fall.” Take a listen below:

When discussing the new song, Rubin told Diffuser, “The majority of ‘We Rise, We Fall’ was conceived quickly one afternoon and off of the main bass line. I recall finishing the bridge to it in a hotel room on tour with NIN. Once I got back home for a day we tracked all of it and the vocals on another.”

However, he says the song isn’t representative of the album in its entirety.

“No one track of main can be representative of a whole body of work,” he said. “Diversity and evolution were cornerstones that laid the inception of the New Regime.”

Rubin’s collaborators have had endlessly good things to say about the singer-songwriter, with Reznor calling him “irritatingly talented” and Tom DeLonge saying he’s “the best instrumentalist” he’s ever met.

When Rubin hears their praises, he says, “What goes through my head is ‘Wow, that was really kind of them to say.’ They didn’t have to say those things about me but it feels great to be respected and for what I bring to the table as a musician to be appreciated. You can’t beat respect and appreciation.”

He says his work with NIN and Angels & Airwaves hasn’t had a direct effect on his new album, though.

“I can’t say that either of them impacted ‘Exhibit B’ in any real way,” he said. “There are lots of things that I’ve learned from Trent through the years and that can be heard in the more sonic elements of the album.”

Nevertheless, Rubin says he’s enjoying the advantages of controlling his work with his solo project.

“Collaborating and handling everything myself are two different beasts,” Rubin said. “As the New Regime, I write and perform every note. There is no compromise and I get to see my vision through 100-percent. Collaborating is a constant push and pull that gives the two parties a result that wouldn’t have been reached separately. Sometimes it’s a smooth process and sometimes it’s unnatural. When a painter is working on a piece he doesn’t hand off the brush to someone else to finish it off.”

Exhibit B -- a follow-up to his 2013 EP, Exhibit A, and 2011 full-length, Speak Through the White Noise -- will hit stores on March 31.