With election day about a month away, there is a lot of buzz around the upcoming vote on the optional one cent tax that is on the ballot this year.

The optional one cent tax is not a new tax, in fact its an authorization to renew the current tax.

The revenue from the optional 1 cent is money that gets distributed throughout Natrona County and makes an impact county wide.

Casper receives approximately 75% of the revenue which amounts to near $68 million dollars annually. The County receives 15% at almost $15.75 million dollars and the other 10% of funds are distributed to the other communities in Natrona County (Bar Nunn, Edgerton, Midwest, Mills and Evansville) amounting to nearly $11 million dollars.

Each community determines for themselves how their portion of the optional one cent tax revenues are spent and below is a list of some of the projects that have benefited from the funds.

Natrona County

Library Safety Issues, Library Materials, Industrial Building Rehab, New Fire Engine, Bar Nunn Interchange, Roads and Bridges projects.

City of Casper

Water and Sewer Projects, Replace Fire Station #5, Replace Fire Station #6, Street Repairs, Public Building Repairs, Flood Control and River Restoration, Improved Walkability Projects, Mike Sedar Swimming Pool, Public Transportation (CATC), Community Projects.

Town of Evansville

Street Projects, Police/Fire/Ambulance Equipment, Water and Sewer Projects.

Town of Mills

Two Police Vehicles, Snow Plow, Fire Department Building Repairs, Town Hall Ramp, Park Equipment Projects.

Midwest and Edgerton

General Operations

According to reports about 75% of the optional one cent tax funds come from travelers and businesses and only 25% is paid by local residents.

Future planning for the optional one cent tax if renewed by voters includes $10 million dollars intended for infrastructure projects in Natrona County. The town of Evansville is directing approximately 70% of their one cent revenue to support water and sewer projects which will help maintain lower rates for residents. The town of Mills uses the majority of their one cent revenue for their Police, Fire and Street Departments.

For more on the optional one cent tax vote go to onecentprocess.com or facebook.com/natronacountyonecent