Some dogs you have to keep on a leash, some behave very well without a leash, and this unleashed hero dog just happened to save a newborn baby's life.

Last week Roger Wilday of Birmingham England was walking thru the park with his German Shepard, Jade. Even though Jade is very good without a leash, she ran off into some bushes and would not come back. Even after calling her name repeatedly, Jade was not returning to her owner.

Roger walked into the bushy area and found Jade sitting next to a duffel bag with a newborn baby girl in it. The baby still had the umbilical cord attached, and had only hours to live, but thanks to Jade the baby is in the hospital and doing well. Nurses at the hospital have begun calling her "Baby Jade" after the hero that saved her life.

Huffington Post Video Capture

Police say the baby was abandoned and are investigating to find the parents.

(Huffington Post)