It never fails. You have some sort of function going on, you invite a bunch of friends and/or family over, and everybody fights over the music. "I want to hear Miley Cyrus!", or "Let's listen to Country music!" may be heard this weekend. If so, you need to do three things:

A) Punch that person in the face for their total lack of musical taste

B) Kick the offender out - after slashing their tires

C) Assert your authority and put on something that will please everybody...Rock 96.7!

Whether you've got some buddies coming over for a card game, a night planned just hanging out, or some intense stalking to do, let us provide the tunes needed to make the night a success! Below is a list of what's happening on Rock 96.7, so you can plan accordingly - Enjoy the tunes, and have a great weekend!



8am - 10am Loudwire Top 20

Join Sandman as he counts down the 20 top Rock songs in the countries, and fluffs you with some killer interviews

9pm - 10pm Locals Only

Brandon molests your ears with Locals Only, an hour of nothing but local bands and information on the Casper music scene

10pm - Midnight Full Metal Jackie

This week KERRY KING FROM SLAYER will be our guest as we celebrate their North American Headline tour which is now underway. I will get to tunes from Pantera, Skeletonwitch, Black Sabbath & More \m/


8am - 10am Racing Rocks

Racing Rocks! with Riki Rachtman is a music-intensive program that provides rock fans coast-to-coast with news, exclusive insights, interviews and dedicated coverage from the world of NASCAR, primarily the Sprint Cup racing series.

7pm - 10pm Hangar 19

A happy and gore infested Halloween to you and yours as we revisit some of our favorite Horror movies but more importantly their Soundtracks, like Tales From the Krypt: Demon Knight, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, and Alone in the Dark.

With 3 hours of metal from Slayer, Dokken, Pantera, AC/DC, In Flames, Ministry and more this weekend inside the blood stained Hangar 19.

10pm - Midnight Chop Shop

Steve Black here,

This week I will talk with Oli Herbert & Mike Martin from All That Remains, and Kaz & Julian from Redlight King.

We will have guitar rock from Metallica, Pop Evil, Mad Season, Cavo and a 10th Anniversary moment with Yngwie Malmsteen.

My unplugged pick of the week comes from Pearl Jam, The All-Star Salute will look at Zack and Syn from Avenged Sevenfold, and I reveal song # 26 on the Chop Shop Top 50 songs of the last 10 years.