As the NFL season gets rolling, fans all over the country are eager to fill stands, hopeful of a Super Bowl appearance.

Tickets aren't cheap, add in concessions and you're dropping some cash for your fanaticism. Beer lovers often complain about the price of a beer compared to the size served.

Here's a breakdown of what's paid per once in each city:

Philadelphia: 71 cents per ounce

San Francisco: 63 cents

Arizona: 60 cents

New Orleans: 56 cents

Oakland: 54 cents

Dallas: 53 cents

Baltimore: 53 cents

Pittsburgh: 50 cents

Green Bay: 48 cents

Detroit: 47 cents

Atlanta: 47 cents

NFL AVERAGE: 46 cents

Chicago: 46 cents

Kansas City: 45 cents

Washington: 45 cents

St. Louis: 45 cents

Buffalo: 45 cents

San Diego: 45 cents

Minnesota: 44 cents

Indianapolis: 44 cents

Tennessee: 44 cents

Denver: 42 cents

New York Giants: 42 cents

Seattle: 42 cents

Carolina: 42 cents

Cleveland: 42 cents

New York Jets: 42 cents

Houston: 42 cents

Tampa Bay: 39 cents

Miami: 39 cents

New England: 38 cents

Jacksonville: 38 cents

Cincinnati: 36 cents

If you're thinking 71 cents per ounce is pricey, this is a video from Seattle.