In his first interview since a U.S. district judge ruled against the league in an appeal of a suspension against New England quarterback Tom Brady, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has reaffirmed the leagues decision to appeal the decision.

Goodell also stated his has considered a change to his role in the league discipline process.

"I am open to changing my role," Goodell said, "it's become extremely time-consuming, and I have to be focused on other issues." He also said that he had discussed the possible change with at least some of the NFL's owners.

"I want to get to a better discipline situation," Goodell told hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. "I have had discussions with the [NFL Players'] union...the courts are not where we should be having these discussions."

Goodell is trying to protect the shield.

"When someone seeks advantage by playing outside those rules, that's something that needs to be addressed," he said.

"No player wants to be against another player or team that's violating rules," Goodell added. "We can't dismiss one rule as less or more important."