Good Morning Tonight - "Spiders Follow Me Home" from Raymond Craig on Vimeo.

For much of the outside world, folks don't believe we have much musical tastes in Wyoming... well, at least outside of country. But Casper, like anywhere else in American, is just as diverse.

Local Pop-Punk band, Good Morning Tonight, released their first official music video today (March 31st, 2015) for their song: 'Spiders Follow Me Home'. This video, which was shot entirely in Casper by Raymond Craig, plays out like a video game, complete with sound effects and some pretty awesome visual effects as well. Throughout the video, we follow our hero (a guy in a bar), on his quest to return a missing purse to a hottie in said establishment. What seems like an easy task proves to be a little bit harder than expected. And of course, there are scenes with all five members of GMT totally rocking out.

Good Morning Tonight is:

  • Derik Hepner - Vocals
  • Ian Delap - Guitar
  • Steve Lemp - Guitar
  • Luis Romero - Bass
  • Matt Greenlee - Drums

The boys have set the bar pretty high for music videos in Casper... matter fact, all of Wyoming, with this one! I can totally see this playing on MTV. Awesome job!!!

*Ian Delap is a Townsquare Media employee and the Managing Editor of this website.*