I've got a huge sweet tooth. I especially love it when they come out with holiday exclusive treats for the season. I recently saw Gingerbread Twix and knew I had to try them. Although they were pretty good, there was one thing that baffled me about these.

Why use gingerbread-flavored caramel instead of just swapping out the shortbread cookie for a gingerbread cookie?

I'm sure they have their reasons. Mainly it's easy to use gingerbread flavoring and mix it into the caramel than attempting to make a Twix that uses gingerbread and have regular caramel.

I think it'd be good if it was a gingerbread cookie and, instead of caramel, use a cream or icing of sorts. I'd be down for that.

Either way, these were pretty good. A fun idea but, seriously, for Gingerbread Twix, I think they could've and should've used a gingerbread cookie instead of having it be like a regular Twix with gingerbread-flavored caramel.