The A'Salt Creek Roller Girls kick off their home season this Saturday night at the fairgrounds industrial building, and we're just giddy over it. Pick up your tickets at Sonic Rainbow, or at our studios, 150 N. Nichols. In an effort to help you know the girls better, we're going to give info on a few of your starters every day. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to  Vivien Leigh-Em-Out, Dirty Darbi, and Maiden Payne

Vivien Leigh Em' Out, Asalt Creek Roller Girl

Skate Name and Number: Vivien Leigh-Em-Out #11-12

Height: 5’3”

Date Joined: October 2010

Position: Jammer, Power Blocker

Favorite Target Zone: The Bullseye

Likes: Gorging on Cadbury Eggs, Chugging Sugar Free Redbull (or if our sponsor is reading this, Sugar Free Rockstar), and Daydreaming about a Web Redemption with Daniel Tosh

Disikes: People with First World Problems

Injuries: Nothing that concealer and spit couldn’t fix

Why Roller Derby?: I was too “intimidating” for the pansies at the community theatre

Words of Wisdom: “If you want anything in this life, stick to it and don’t waiver. Bust your ass for five years (give or take a few) and you’ll either be where you want to be, or if you’re not, tell everyone it was a hobby and move on with your life.” -David Choe

Skate Name and Number: Dirty Darbi #M16

Height: 5'5"

Date Joined: November 2009

Position: Blocker

Favorite Target Zone: Anywhere that legally will take someone on the opposing team down !

Likes: A sportsmanship way of thinking,The feeling of taking someone down, I love that even after someone on the opposing team gets a good hit, or you get a good hit on them at the end of the night we can all shake hands, give hugs and still be kosher with each other

Dislikes: someone with a bad attitude, who thinks they aer better than anyone and everyone, unsportsmanship like players, someone who is full of spite and does not play fair, someone who knows if they can get away with it even if it's illegal will do it no matter the consequences!

Injuries: pulled muscle in my back, pulled arm muscle!

Why Roller Derby? Roller Derby is more then a sport for me it's a family,when I first heard from a friend that there was a team getting started here I called Jina immediately to set up a time when we could talk, I joined as soon as possible and have been addicted ever since, I was out a season due to my unexpected pregnacy, the whole time all I could think about and dream about was derby! Every aspect of it consumes you! Plus being a stay at home mom, practices give me some mom time some time to myself where I can hang out. With good friends and get some anger out while I'm at it! I love Roller Derby I will more then likely be doing it until I'm no longer able!

Words of Wisdom: Carelessness, overconfidence and arrogance are our greatest enemies.

Skate Name and Number: Maiden Payne #09

Height: 5’6”

Date Joined: February 2010

Position: Jammer and Blocker

Favorite Target Zone: Straight to the side baby!  If elbows were legal I would totally use them all the time.

Likes: Hard hittin, tough, independent women, helping out around the community, and working to help kids (including my own. )

Dislikes: Whining!  Toughen up buttercup!

Injuries: I injured my knee my first season and I am always covered in bumps and bruises, but I love it.

Why Roller Derby? I never fit in with any other sport and I totally love having a group of girls who cover my back both on and off the track. I have the best group of fiends now and I love being a part of a sport that empowers women and girls to think outside the box.

Words of Wisdom: Keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.