It seems like there are dating websites for just about any race, religion or interest these days. You can pretty much find your perfect match by uploading a few pictures, swiping left or right and checking off a few boxes. But this website, one that's based solely off of your body odor, is new even to us!

The website is called Smell Dating, but it's not available to everyone just yet.  They're testing it out on a small group of just 100 people in New York City (surprise surprise!) to see how things go first.

Here's how it works: to sign up, you pay $25 to the site. You then wear the same shirt for three days. At the end of the three days, you send the shirt in to the company and they distribute it to someone else who is signed up. If that person likes your musk, the website gets you in contact with that person.

We talked to our friends at WZZM 13 in Grand Rapids this morning about the new dating site and Joe revealed that he used a similar method when first meeting his wife Ellen!