Lurch is a former intern with us here on "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show."

He has been dating his girlfriend, Lily Wardrop, for about two years.

"She's extremely talented and knows how to play the harp!," Lurch says. "Seriously, who knows how to play the harp?! My girlfriend, that's who."

Lurch says he is "trying to help her raise funds so that she can afford a normal size harp so she can do what she went to school and worked so hard for: music therapy."

Wardrop works mostly with hospice patients, but also works with oncology patients from time to time, he said.

"She has a little practice harp, but that simply doesn't have the range as a full-size harp."

He said that "any help would be greatly appreciated, even if you could just share this (Go Fund Me) link with your friends and family."

So, let's make this happen.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings